About Us

Shumi Shetty is a certified Mind Power trainer and a motivational coach who conducts seminars which are more experiential in nature rather than informational. She holds an MBA in Human Resources and is also the Charter President of “Mulund Toastmasters” an International Public Speaking Organization which is headquartered in California, USA. She is experienced in Transformational Trainings, Life Coaching and Motivational Skill Building.

Her mission in life is to empower every individual to create their own reality by harnessing the power of their mind. She conducts seminars on Mind Power where she teaches individuals to harness the power of their Subconscious mind.

She conducts her seminars regularly for Corporates, Associations, Educational Institutes, Club members etc. Companies from the Insurance sector, Non-Banking Financial companies, and Construction and Durables companies have utilised her services. Shumi has also delivered and facilitated workshops covering areas like Personal Excellence, Self-Empowerment, Positive Thinking, Motivation, Power of Subconscious Mind, Creativity & Innovation, Law of Attraction, Power of Affirmations and Creative Visualization. Her workshops are conducted in an interactive accelerated learning style along with hand-outs and worksheets. Her seminars are attended by working professionals, Sales & Marketing professionals, Financial Advisors, Businessmen, Students, Housewives, Senior citizens etc. In fact her programs have a universal appeal and anyone above the age of 13 years can attend her programs.