This was one workshop where there was something for everyone whether it was how to increase business, lose weight or improve relationships. We would like to plan a full day workshop for our club members & their families.

K.Sailesh. Rao - President ROTARY CLUB OF MULUND

I highly recommend Shumi’s Workshop. Not only does she walk her talk, but she truly cares about seeing you reach your personal goals, whatever they may be!"

Dr. Mukkesh Certified Life Coach & Mind Power Trainer - Hyderabad

Shumi explains “MINDPOWER” in a way that makes it easy to understand. She puts abstract concepts into words that anyone can follow. Plus, she has a supportive and soothing energy that makes it all feel so easy! I could listen to her for hours

Arindham Roy - Media Professional 

I have been training sales people for many years and have seen many trainers and motivational speakers and must share with you that the passion and deliverance of your message was as good as I have experienced. You seem to have a way with the audience and the ability to read and deliver the message in a way that ensures maximum retention. Congratulations.

Poonam Bhat Freelance Training Consultant

The very fact that after your workshop, most of us were eager to get more clarification and interaction from you shows the success of your workshop. I observed that they entered into a deep conversation thereafter & got charged.


You covered the workshop in simple language using both English & Hindi which was easy to understand by our agents.

Harishkumar R Desai - Development Officer - LIC