A workshop that combines spiritual wisdom with scientific research & gives you extraordinary results in all areas of your life. Recommend every organisation to conduct the workshop for your team.

Prasad Shetty Partner-Asian Investment & Securities 

The Mulund Bunts Community is extremely proud of you for doing such a great service to the people by your life changing seminars. We loved the way you made the seminar lively & interesting balancing both the young kids, teenagers & ladies.

Smt Sujata Shetty - Chairperson - MULUND BUNTS

You have motivated us to work on our dreams which we had forgotten as most of us got busy with our families. You made us realise that forgiveness was the best healer & a simple act of forgiveness could heal any ailment.

Poonam Gambhir Inner Wheel Club of Mulund Hills

Making the decision to attend your workshop was one of the wisest personal and professional decisions I have ever made. I am now clearer on how I want to design my life and have tools and strategies to make my dreams a reality."

Radha Moorty

Wow! Great seminar !
It was great. Thanks for everything. You have already helped me attract so many wonderful things in my life. I am so grateful that you had this opportunity to share it with my co-workers.

Raje$h Bhonkiya - Corporate Trainer | Life Coach | Business Success Coach | Web Developer | Multimedia Trainer | NLP Practitioner | Advance NLP Sales Specialist | Subliminal Sound Therapist - Ahmedabad

Shumi incorporated the ‘Mind Power’ workshop into a typical day-to-day routine scenario and gave examples of how to apply the techniques. She spoke about how we should all send-off positive vibes in order to receive positive outcomes in return. The positive vibes also allow us to move forward with the goals that we wish to achieve, which promote healthy living.

Sameer Arora - Partner at Lakhani & Lakhani