First time ever attending this type of seminar and felt the presentation was powerful and will be beneficial not only in business but personally also. Well done. I found this session to be very inspiring! I look forward to applying it to every part of my life. This came to me at the perfect time of my life. Thank you very much Shumi.

Trent Lewis - Guitarist & Lead Vocals - The Well

I was inspired the very first time I attended your lecture on “Mind Power”, just amazing it was. Even though I have been attending your lectures for a long time, seems like there is so much to learn from you still and know very less about you. I have always seen you as my mentor as the one who Inspires. Thank you as there are times when your teachings have helped me to taking right decisions at right times. Thank you for everything. I am grateful for your teachings which keep me going at real tough times.
Thank you

CHETAN BANGERA - COJ Team Leader - Aditya Birla Minacs Worldwide

Shumi's lectures open up a promising world of opportunity for me - if I can imagine it, I can realize it and make it happen. If I can invoke the Power of the Universe and keep myself open and willing to accept all the abundance and positive flow of goodness and health, my life is full of possibilities. Thank you Shumi, for this key to living a full and purposeful life."

Maureen Lewis

I was in the sales field but I could never reach my targets. When I did the wealth belief exercise in your workshop I realised where my wealth meter was stuck. I started writing down my new wealth affirmation daily. In 6 months’ time I TRIPLED my sales targets. My boss was shocked as I had been the underachiever in the entire team. Now he wants to conduct this workshop for the entire sales team.

Rahul narhari Gunda - Sales person at Screen Craft graphics

I was running my own business but was not making much profit. I had attended your work shop at the insistence of my friend. Trust me I never regretted .I was never a big giver in terms of money but your talk on the importance of giving stuck a cord somewhere. I vowed that hence forth whatever I would earn I would donate 10% to various causes. I strictly started doing that and trust me slowly I started attracting better customers, better opportunity and my business picked up momentum at a speed that I never saw in 14 years of my business. Thank you Shumi for showing me such a simple truth that I had forgotten

Camelious Dias - Business Woman

I used to constantly fall sick or suffer from some or the other illness. I used to be a very angry person always. Quarrels with my family members had become very common. So much that my near and dear ones started avoiding me.When I did the forgiveness routine in your workshop I had tears in my eyes. I immediately made a list of people I had fought with and told them that I loved them a lot and asked for forgiveness. They were baffled and touched simultaneously by my behaviour. I n the next few months I looked deep within myself with a new revelation for me.Today I’m extremely happy and living a harmonious life with everyone. That a simple act like forgiveness could heal my illnesses and relationships is a new revelation for me. I am soon going to be repeating your workshop with my entire family & extended family.

Swapani Mandhare - Fitness Instructor

For years I used to waste money at various gyms paying for the entire year but going only for one month. My weight was stuck at 110 kgs.I spoke to you privately during your workshop during which you told me that weight is basically a mind game and lose it first from your mind. After the long chat with you I realised how I was sabotaging my own success. I started doing my weight visualisation & affirmations regularly along with making my perfect weight vision board. What had seemed impossible for years slowly but surely became a possibility. My weight that seemed stuck up started dropping and today a year down the line I’m at my perfect weight of 64 kgs.

Muthu Nainar - Fashion Stylist