I was a 9th STD student when I was dragged to your workshop. I was just thinking how to put through the day but this was one workshop where I didn’t even feel like going for our regular breaks because I found it so interesting. After your workshop I found a renewed ambition & interest in life. The first thing I did was make a mark sheet with the marks that I wanted. I was an average student scoring 50%.so I made a mark sheet of 65% per cent and kept looking at it and visualising it every day. Slowly I started feeling more excited about reaching my goal, started feeling more confident& focussed. I felt an internal motivation to work hard something that I had never felt before. By the time my final exam came Instead of nervousness that I felt before I felt calmness. For the first time in my entire academic year I scored in the first class category. I got 68%.My family was thrilled and distributed sweets. Now my goal is to go to 80% and I’m surely going to reach there.

Yasmin Khan - Student

I had been married for 15 years and was not able to conceive. I attended your intro seminar where you spoke of child planning using Mind power. Just that slide was enough for me to register for your full day workshop along with my husband. I eagerly wrote down all that you asked me to do during our brief conversation after the workshop. That night itself my husband and I tore out a picture out of a magazine of a beautiful baby girl and stuck it on our bedroom wall. Daily morning and night we would sit together and do our baby girl visualisation & carry our baby girl picture with us 24 hours and keep looking at her. In less than a year we gave our delighted families the good news that I was due and next year we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl……………………..just like the girl in the picture. A big hug to you shumi for bringing so much happiness into our life.

Harshila Vishnu Gupta - Housewife

I was at a job that I hated as my colleagues played lot of politics. After your workshop I started looking at my present job with gratitude, started blessing my colleagues instead of cursing them. I used to do it mechanically each day. I started my perfect job visualisation daily morning and evening simultaneously blessing my current job. In less than 2 months I got a job offer from another company for a better post & better pay packet. My old office colleagues threw a surprise party for me on the last day where we all enjoyed our self .I’m now happy in my new workplace and my new friends are very loving supporting and caring.

Pratiksha Memane - IT Professional

We loved your high energy during the workshop which ensured that our students didn’t get bored even for a second.

Navjeevan Institute of Management Studies

You seem to have a special spiritual aura around you when you conduct your workshops.

Tanuja Gupta